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Greetings, its been a little while since I added anything to my Herbal Haven site. When I started this site in 2006 the way the internet worked then was such that you needed pages and areas and menus and so much more. Today there is no need as everything can be housed in a blog.

My original wordpress blog was plagued by hackers, so much so I switched it off from public view, they still tried. So I've moved over to blogger, and I'm slowly replacing all the old posts (those that are still relevant) and I'm updating them checking links work, places are still in business that kind of thing. More importantly I'm now writing again, the older I get - and I'm in my mid 50's now - the more I am drawn to the historical story of herbs and the people who have given us the herbal knowledge we build upon today.

Links to my new blog are down below and to my new about me page. All other articles old (I still have 120 to do!) and new will from today onwards be found on my blogger blog. So once more in to the fragrant herbal horizon I wander, join me on my travels if you are so inclined.

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